CNC Turning

Micron CNC turning centers


Turning is a material removal process used to create cylindrical parts by cutting away unwanted material. Our turning capabilities include cylindrical parts that have many features, such as holes, grooves, threads, tapers, various diameter steps, and even contoured surfaces.

Precision turning with CNC lathe

Micron precision turning utilizing:

  • Swiss CNC turning
  • Swiss cam turning
  • Conventional CNC lathe

See examples of our turning services in our parts gallery including parts such as:

  • Bosses
  • Body pilots
  • Connectors
  • Drill blanks
  • Drivers
  • Expansion chambers
  • Flanges
  • Pins

Our turning capacity ranges from 1/8″ to 6″.

  • Bar capacity to 2″ (52 mm)
  • Blank (chuck) up to 6″ (152 mm)
  • Lengths up to 28″
  • Typical lot sizes from 100 to tens of thousands

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Precision turning capabilities

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