GRCC Machinist Program Tours Micron

GRCC Machinist Program Tours Micron

Micron recently brought a class of machinists-in-training through a tour of our facilities.

The class from Grand Rapids Community College’s CNC machinist program viewed demonstrations of our machines, equipment, and work environment. These visits are an opportunity for students to see a CNC machining shop in action. They also give Micron a way to stay connected with the training programs future workers are graduating.

This year, the students were particularly interested in some of our swiss and conventional CNC machines, our Keyence visual measuring equipment, and our coordinated measuring machine (CMM). Visits like this also give the students a chance to ask off-the-cuff questions about working in this industry.

The Escomatics also featured in the tour.

Education Connection

Operations manager John Bogardus periodically visits GRCC’s campus to check in with this program.

“It’s a good way to gage interest in the industry and the skill level of people pursuing this line of work,” he said. “In the times I’ve visited GRCC’s campus, they seem to be investing in their programs. I’ve seen some new equipment there, which is nice to see.”

Several of Micron’s current employees are GRCC graduates.

Beyond the immediate benefit of having a relationship with the next generation of workers, Micron is proud to be able to connect and help in this way. It fits with our core mission which, in part, is to strengthen and grow our community.

Escomatics — Compact Efficiency and Precision

Escomatics — Compact Efficiency and Precision

Micron is home to several small, quiet workhorses that run almost constantly, finishing off a completed part every few seconds.

Escomatics, or “Escos,” are a type of small-diameter cam-driven machine. Unlike CNC lathes, the material in an Escomatic doesn’t rotate. Instead, the tool rotates around the part. This design promotes speed, precision, versatility at small diameters. The machines are exceptionally reliable and oddly charming.

Micron maintains five Escos as part of our fleet. At the right production volumes, they can provide exceptional value to a customer looking for small-diameter parts.

A recently refurbished Escomatic tuned for optimal efficiency and precision.

The Escos excel at creating pins, shafts, connectors and counterweights. And they can put intricate features on a small part like knurling, threads, and tapers.

“When we find a job for our Esco’s that’s the right fit, it can be a great option for a potential customer” says Colin Valliere, Sales. That ideal order tends to be 50,000 or more parts, in brass, stainless, or leaded steel, at 3/16″ diameters and below.

If you’re curious what Micron’s Escomatic department can do for you, request a quote today.

Micron’s 71st Anniversary

Micron’s 71st Anniversary

Micron celebrated 71 years in business with cider and donuts — fall treats that just make sense with Halloween right around the corner.

It’s an unusual accomplishment for a family business to be in operation as long as this. As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the changes our manufacturing industry and the world have undergone since the company’s founding in 1952. Throughout the years, not only have we survived, but also grown, changed, and achieved the level of organization and quality we exhibit today. We are proud that this is continuing into a third generation of family ownership-operation and look to the future with excitement for what’s to come.

In addition to the 71st anniversary of the company, we also rang in several work anniversaries. Congratulations to Katie, controller, Sean, quality engineer, and Joel, engineer, on 5 years at Micron. And a big congratulations to Jaycon, programmer and team lead, on 10 years. Thank you for your contributions to our success!